High-performance teams out perform all other ways of organizing people, often by more than 200%. The difference lies in transforming beliefs and perceptions about individual contribution (independence) vs. collaboration (dependence). By creating a foundation of trust, respect, acceptance, and personal accountability, high-performance teams focus on the bond of inter-dependence.


The roadmap to high performance teaming requires cultivating the characteristics needed to achieve:

·      honest communication

·      diversity of thought

·      passionate yet civilized disagreement

·      fact based problem-solving

·      complex decision-making

·      organizational influence

Whether it's a department team or a cross-functional/project team, training them in the disciplines of high-performance will dramatically improve their effectiveness.


Fine-tune your ability to think strategically and systemically. Uncover and resolve the root causes of interpersonal conflicts. Learn to demonstrate and promote the team behavior you wish to see in the organization. The end result is that your executive leadership team will be better able to focus on the real issues affecting your business and capable of providing focused and aligned direction for the organization.