In 2001, after a decade of corporate training in Fortune 100 organizations, we concluded that sustainable behavioral change required complete system-wide support – starting at the top. We consequently decided to work only with clients where we have full access and championship from the very top. A typical engagement today starts with coaching and consulting for the CEO. Once they are fully engaged, we incorporate the executive team and expand out to the rest of the organization.


Our many years as entrepreneurs and business owners taken in combination with our deep expertise in assisting people to develop and enhance their EQ, has given us invaluable knowledge and a unique perspective which has set us apart in the organizational development field.


When consulting, we consider the systemic challenges of leading organizations through change initiatives, business model alignment and financial sustainability. When training, we utilize all three primary learning style modalities and emphasize experiential learning to dramatically increase learning retention. Finally, when facilitating Human Resource Development (HRD), we work within the organization to build internal programs, processes and policies that support the training and cultural development work performed.