Find your Why. Find your Purpose. Find your Calling… Find your keys. 

Find your Why. Find your Purpose. Find your Calling.

Find your keys.

There’s only so much inner soul searching you can do before you do actually need to go DO the things that need to be done. 

The search for meaning is important but it can’t be all there is.  So, while you’re getting on with it here’s a cheat sheet on how can you bring the best version of yourself to the table. 

  1. Show up: Be where you say you’ll be when you say you’ll be there and don’t tell people you can do stuff you can’t possibly do. 
  2. Be helpful: This can mean being on the PTA, the board of a charity or just looking someone in the eye in a difficult moment and letting them know you see & respect them.
  3. Be seen: Yeah you, the one with the flaws… be seen for who you are, flaws and all and let that authenticity drive real connection.
  4. Speak Up: Ooh, this one is hard.  Speak truth to power. *requires work
  5. Be Imaginative: Keep yourself (and everyone else) interested by thinking up new ways to tackle old problems. (life hack: research your field to be on top of new exciting trends)
  6. Shine On: Bring those elements of you that are joyful with you whenever and wherever you can.  The brighter you shine the more you give others permission to shine brightly too.  

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